There are bits and pieces of information everywhere. If you can pool them together and keep them in an ON state for long enough for the information to thermalize  \rightarrow intelligence.

This is a first post in my blog where I would like to promote a notion that computations in nature often happen in a distributed sense : distribution either in space and/or in time. This notion is also scale-invariant. Consider a "system" \mathcal U that needs to pool-in or integrate information. \mathcal U could either be a single neuron using its dendrites to accumulate information or an individual making sense of data from every of his/her nerve endings or a group of individual working towards a common goal.

As physical laws have required different formalisms at different scales, are the principles of distributed computing modulated by scale or are there universal principles (of online optimization maybe) that govern beyond the boundaries?

We require a conglomeration of biological, physical and mathematical ideas to truly unravel the equations of distributed intelligence.

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