What regions in our brains operate in concert to predict the actions and intentions of others? A quintessential arsenal for successful "social living". Our interests lie in teasing apart the spatio-temporal dynamics that is manifested for this purpose. The myriad timescales involved to integrate information in single motor-acts to goal intention makes it a truly challenging multi-scale problem both in time and space.


Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence:

Although I was drawn to machine learning by the success of deep-learning, my focus now is to bridge the gap between deep-learning architectures and its biological plausibility. 



During my PhD at the Kapteyn Astronomical Institute, I worked on efficient algorithms to solve the problem of "Cosmological Radiative Transfer". Basically after the epoch of reionization, the first sources (supermassive black holes, PopIII stars) illuminated the Universe, and we want to simulate the effect of this "illumination" on a computer.